2015 Festival was a huge success

Attica Days Festival committee would like to send each and every one of you who attended the 2015 Festival a heartfelt thank you. The 2015 festival was the best yet and we will continually strive to make future festivals better than the last. We would like to fill you in on plans for future Attica Days Festivals. After careful deliberation, it has been decided that future festivals will be held every other year. There are several factors that led to this decision. It takes a lot of dedicated people to make an event like this work. The committee volunteers spend endless hours planning the festival, its activities and entertainment. But it also takes money and without our very generous sponsors, this festival would not be possible.

Attica Days Festival

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The next festival will be held in July 2017, however our fundraising efforts will continue between now and then.

The Attica Days Festival committee believes that holding this festival every other year will allow us to raise the funds necessary to present our festival goers with a top notch festival.